S2C7:Chemistry Manufacturing Controls

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S2C7:Chemistry   Manufacturing   Controls

Gary L. Fourman

S2C7:Chemistry   Manufacturing   Controls

B.S., Pharmacy, Purdue, 1978
MBA, Western Michigan, 1988
Upjohn/Pharmacia/Pfizer 1978 – 1989
Eli Lilly, 1989 – 2011
Guest and Limited Term Lecturer, Purdue, 2015 – 2019
Min Yue Pharos, 2019 – present

S2C7:Chemistry   Manufacturing   Controls
S2C7:Chemistry   Manufacturing   Controls


Chemistry Manufacturing Controls

FDA – Govt-Wide Qual. Assurance Program, Mfg. Review Branch

The Upjohn Co. (Pfizer) – 11 years

Principal for Starting Up a New Sterile Products GMP Facility

Troubleshooting and Restoring Distressed Mfg. Operations

Eli Lilly and Co. – 22 years

Product Development, Scale-up and Process Validation

DOE (Design of Experiments) and SPC (Statistical Process Control) Implementations

Regulatory Affairs – Lilly to FDA Communications Sytem

Implemented MES (Mfg. Execution Sys.) for All Aspects of Business and Mfg.

Purdue University Adj. Prof. Role – 4 years

Min Yue Pharos – 2019 present


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